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Menu Packages

Holiday Gardens is set on a private and quiet 40-acre property minute from the city. Recognized for our beautiful gardens, natural landscapes and delicious meals, we have had the pleasure of taking part in weddings and special events for over 20 years!

Menu Package Details

We have been serving traditional family-style dinners for over 20 years. A traditional family-style meal not only stimulates a more intimate and memorable setting for your guests, but it is also less expensive than serving individual courses while comparing to a buffet style with the comfort of a sit-down dinner. Individual serving is also available at an additional cost.

Our family style food is the perfect blend of comfort food and casual elegance allowing for a more personal touch through our various meal options. With inspirations from our small Slovenian nation, our food has been and will continue to be our biggest feature; always tasty and always served warm! Please inquire with Events Coordinator in regard to customizing packages.

Please have a look at the PDF file below for more information including package details and pricing. You can also have a look on our Facebook page and Pinterest page.

Wedding & Special Event Menu Packages.